What is a caRVee?

Mobile Glamping Experience

The Ultimate way to experience the Big Island of Hawaii.

You have everything you need to enjoy the entire island during your glamorous camping experience.

Less gas, less money, less waste, more mobility, more options, more fun.

The Cars

Currently we have a fleet of Honda Elements retrofitted to be an extremely comfortable and accommodating experience. You'll enjoy the mobility of a car that gets 23+ miles to the gallon. It holds a  nearly 4'x7'  memory foam mattress on a raised platform that still leaves plenty of heads space, two plump and comfortable pillows,  and wonderful bedding for all temperatures. 

Come experience a caRVee experience.

Your Campsite

We supply you with a comprehensive list of the island's campsites and attractions. Under the platform you'll find everything for an amazing camping experience, including: Solar shower, pop up tent for shower and restroom privacy, a composting toilet, two-burner stove, fans, beach gear, chairs, towels, a cooler, coffee maker, cookware, utensils, spices and seasonings, and much more.

Come and caRVee! 



Thank you and...


Enjoy your caRVee experience.